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Sit up pillow – Includes cushions for a sofa, loveseat or other upholstered furniture provides a fast and inexpensive way to change the look of a room. Cover provides functional design to a room. Families with small children or pets using covers to protect or cover up, spills and wear pads. With a creative eye, the fabric can be selected to suit the style of any room, creating custom furniture for any design.

Sit Up Pillow Baby

Sit Up Pillow Baby


Measure the pad. The upholstery will be two and a half times the length of the pad from front to back. It should be broadened wide enough to completely cover each side. It is better to have too much fabric than too little. Place the fabric right side up on the floor. The right side of the fabric is the side you want to see on the outside of the sit up pillow. Place the pad at the center of the fabric. The front to the rear of the cushion parallel to the length of the fabric. This will give you a seamless look on the front of the cushion.

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Sit Up Pillow Baby

Pull the long sides of the fabric up and over the pillow, as if you were wrapping a gift. The ends should overlap in the center of the pillow with the sides left open. Trim fabric so that one end overlaps the second end slightly with at least three inches. Place the fabric right side up on the floor and place the sit up pillow in the middle of the fabric. Fold the fabric back so that the two ends overlap in the middle of the pad. This will be the opening through which the pad is inserted and removed.

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October 30, 2017 Decorative Pillows

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