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Lantern pendant light – If you are decorating your home for a garden party or barbecue, you can end up spending a lot of money just in garden decoration. One way to reduce costs when decorating for an event patio is to do some decoration to you of the sources of art itself. For example, you can make beautiful wall hanging lantern pendant light that can hang against your porch or pergola to add color and excitement to the yard.

Stylish Lantern Pendant Light

Stylish Lantern Pendant Light

Hang a lantern pendant light; Fold a sheet standard paper size high quality luxury in a medium width. Press the flat folding. Select a document that is decorative and interesting, such as one containing bright or metallic. Draw triangles and squares along the top, leaving 3 inches without any edge drawings. Cut the shapes with scissors and discard the cut pieces. Open the document backup. You will see cuts in the middle of the page.

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Wrap the paper into a long cylinder. Glue the tape folds of color that matches the color of the paper. This disguise the tape. Drill two holes in the edge of one side of the flashlight. Have holes so that they are opposed to each other and placed 1 inch below the top edge. Cut a piece of tape measure 12 inches long, and tie one end in each hole of the lantern pendant light. You can use tape to hang the lantern pendant light in his event.

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