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Custom closet doors – chances are if you have a small bedroom, closet is not so great either, and space is a problem. Key closet organization when you have a lot of space is to make use of every centimeter of both horizontal and vertical space with several hooks, racks, holes cubbies and rods.

Custom Closet Doors Wood

Custom Closet Doors Wood

Items to eye level and lower are easier to recover day. Investing in labeled shelves and baskets to store these items. Change out baskets in changing seasons, exchange of a basket full of heavy sweaters in fall and winter for a basket of tank tops in summer. Install several hooks along vertical space in your closet to organize smaller items. Use cabinet sides to hooks so that you do not use space that could easily work shelf. Also, consider installing hooks on back of your custom closet doors if they are not folding or pocket doors.

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Custom Closet Doors Wood

Most custom closet doors have some wall space that is not used. Install a desk at height you need while sitting. This will depend on chair you will use. On desk, leave about 2 feet of open space for a workspace. In space above and below, install shelves on each foot. You can keep your clothes on shelves and use containers and boxes for organizing office supplies and accessories folded. Shelves help keep closet in order and help create a system of personalized workspace and clothes storage.

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