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Embroidered pillows – Make embroidery to decorate pillows, but you can apply this same technique to create other designs and use them in the decoration of your home. This is a very simple embroidery using frame, and I’m sure you will not have problems doing it. The result is very beautiful and, if you wish, you can also use it to give away.

Amazing Embroidered Pillows

Amazing Embroidered Pillows

Make embroidered pillows, the first thing to do is to adjust the fabric in the frame. Look for it to well centered and stretched. Cut circles in the scraps of cloth. Take care that they have different sizes. You can choose the size you prefer. Place both circles on the frame and sew a cross in the center of the smaller circle. With another thread color, begin to embroider around the smaller size circle. Make sure that the stitches are not too far apart.

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Firmly fasten each thread to the back. Make three knots to make sure your embroidered pillows are not disassembled. Take another color of thread and border around the larger circle. As you can do, making this embroidery to decorate cushions is very simple. You can add different decorations that you like and are in tune with the space that you think to decorate.

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