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Folding Backrest Pillow A Bi Fold Futon

Backrest pillow – All the different types of mattresses can be divided into two categories: tri-fold and bi-fold. A tri-fold futon folds twice, while a bi-fold mattress folds only once. Bi-fold mattresses are normally folded longitudinally around the mattress and are more robust than tri-folds. This is because a tri-fold need for a thinner mattress, so it can fold twice and bi-folds are more comfortable and longer lasting.

Backrest Pillow Car

Backrest Pillow Car

Lift the sitting pillow of the futon. The futon can be divided into two main parts: the sitting pillow and backrest pillow. When the futon is in the couch position, simply lift the frame supporting the sitting pillow and futon will open up into a bed.

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Backrest Pillow
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Backrest Pillow Pattern
Backrest Pillow Car

Lift the sitting pillow and backrest pillow and fold them against each other. When the futon in a bed position and you want to fold it into a bed, lift the sitting pad first and then fold the seat back in. You will probably hear some sort of clicking sound when the futon is folded into the right position. Make sure the pillow is securely attached to the futon frame. A lot of folding back and forth tends to cause the pillow to slip off if not properly secured.

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December 15, 2017 Decorative Pillows

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