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Blown glass pendant lights – New glass pendant lights are a quick and easy way to update any kitchen. Pendant light is fully customizable to match an existing device modernize a kitchen remodel or add the final artistic touches to a new kitchen design. Updating a kitchen by installing custom glass pendant light is an economical and easy way to improve the value of your home.


Bell Kelp Blown Glass Pendant Lights

Sets the size and length you want for your new custom kitchen blown glass pendant lights. Using a tape measure to measure the exact distance that you want your pendant lights to hang. Also determine the distance of your pendant light. Set if your pendant lights will be switched on individually or in groups. Check your current breaker box to see if you have one available for the new pendant lamps breaker. If you replace the old kitchen lighting with pendant, you can use the breaker, which was used to the old kitchen lighting.


If you are remodeling and installing a new set of lights, you may need another breaker or at least extra sockets and switches. Buy switch the style that you want, your options will include standard switches, flat modern switches, and knobs or slides that will allow you to adjust the lighting of the blown glass pendant lights.

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December 29, 2017 Pendant Light

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