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Create Ikat Pillow Covers – Brighten up your interior by means of self-made ikat pillow covers. This way you give your living room a quick way a fresh look. Choose the right ikat fabric for the pillow cover, so you create your original living style.

Amazing Ikat Pillow Covers

Amazing Ikat Pillow Covers

Instructions for create ikat pillow covers, measure the pad in order to determine the extent of the piece of cloth should be. Cut a rectangle of the piece of fabric of 40 x 135 cm. Use chalk to mark the folds on the wrong side of the fabric. This, use this formula: width of the fabric – width of the pad divided by two. Highlight from the short sides of the folds at 37.5 cm: width fabric 135 – width = 75 parts of pad 60 by 2 = 37.5 cm.

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Amazing Ikat Pillow Covers

Next steps for create ikat pillow covers, pin on both sides narrow rolled hem a little off, that’s where you hem the edge 2 times Reverses. Move both hems with a sewing stitch fixed and then irons them flat. Then fold the finished sides inwardly at the folding lines (37.5 cm from the side). Make sure the beautiful side of your fabric is on the inside. In this manner, overlap of the two finished sides, in the middle to each other. Put the top and bottom edges firmly with pins and sew 1 cm. Zigzag thereafter once again the stitched seams in order to avoid fraying during washing. Tighten the cushion cover inside out and push in the corners get out. Be creative, it’s also nice to make a cover of different fabrics. Cut the pieces than on the basis of the fold (see 3) and add 1 cm to the length of the seam. Do you prefer the stronger cases are closed? Connector than Velcro onto the flap.

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