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Do it yourself closet systems – The secret to a well-organized closet is different storage options to have different types of clothing. Create your own caste system that is not on the wall by mixing and matching hanging rails, drawers, shelves and other furniture pieces found in the home and office.

Do It Yourself Closet Systems Design Ideas

Do It Yourself Closet Systems Design Ideas

Do it yourself closet systems, Rods to hang clothes are the pillars of any caste system. Hanging garment racks are freestanding hanging rods, usually on wheels and sometimes also with a shelf at their base. You have the option to double the hanging space by the provision of an additional rod halfway up the unit. Use over-the-door hangers hooks and bars add to the top of your closet door for extra hanging space. Bring your closet in your bedroom by purchasing a freestanding cabinet, which is a sealed unit with doors and bars often have a few shelves and hanging. Many cabinets are also a mirror on the inside of the door.


Do it yourself closet systems with Drawers and shelves, Chests of drawers in different sizes suitable for storing folded items like sweaters, T-shirts, socks, underwear and other small items of clothing. Pedestals made of wood provide a dust-free storage while wire units allow air to circulate through your clothes. Low bookcases can stand safely against the wall. Use the shelves for shoes and purses, and place your jewelry and other accessories in bowls on top. Standalone storage units work especially well for the shoes and are divided into blocks, each for a pair of shoes.

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