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Portable closet organizers – When moving into an old house or a studio apartment, it is possible that storage is a problem. If you do not own the property, a large storage cupboard cannot usually reflected in space as a permanent structure. By creating portable closet organizers, you will have the necessary storage for all your clothes. Once the time has come for you to move to another house, just pack the closet and take it with you. Place inch 2 1/58 by section 46 1/2-inch on a flat vertical surface so that the edges are 46 1/2 inches at the top and bottom. Apply wood glue to top and bottom edges inch 2 46 1 / by section 58 1/2 inches and 18 3/4 inches press one by 46 3/4 inches on each end. Key instead hammering a nail every 6 inches along each edge.

Ikea portable closet organizers

Ikea Portable Closet Organizers

Apply wood glue to the side edges of the three sections of plywood. Line one section 18 3/4 inches by 60 inches on each side and press into place. Apply a nail every 6 inches around the three edges connected to each side of the cabinet. Place the cabinet in a standing position and measure down to 18 inches on each inner side panel. Closet rod line to this place and secure with screws 1/2-inch on each end.
Set the 48-inch by 60-inch section on a flat surface in an upright position for the 48-inch edge is closest to you. Measure in 12 inches toward the center of each corner on the right side edge 60 inches. Attach a hinge at each mark 12 inches. A 12 cm height along the left side of the base cabinet unit. Measure 12 inches from the top of the unit along the left side. Place the portable closet organizers door by door hinges connecting the 12-inch marks.

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