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Black bamboo flooring has become more popular in recent years, and is available in several colors. If you are planning to install bamboo flooring in your home. Studying what options are available to you, how they affect the appearance of the floor, and what their sustainability. Bamboo can compare with the traditional wooden or softer, depending on the species of bamboo flooring. For optimal hardness, ensure that your floor made of Moso species harvested when at least five years old.

Amazing Black Bamboo Flooring

Amazing Black Bamboo Flooring

Many people still imagine black bamboo flooring and traditional slat floors of stilted houses. Modern bamboo flooring, however, highly process forms where bamboo is split, flatten and dry. The pieces fitted under high pressure to create planks with vertical or horizontal grain orientation. There are different types of bamboo flooring unit that creates differences in durability.

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Amazing Black Bamboo Flooring

In liquid black bamboo flooring, is a layer of plastic foam and apply to the subfloor before. Or about cross laminate bamboo planks on top. Allowing for expansion and contraction without gaps or warping. Bamboo planks still glued to each other. If you are concerned about the use of glue. You can get a variant of this type of flooring with glue less or click lock bamboo flooring, which means interlocking planks “click” into place on top of the existing floor.

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January 23, 2018 House Floor

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