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Crochet throw pillow – A well-chosen throw pillow can instantly transform the most boring looking sofa or chair into something sophisticated and eye-catching. In the same way, a monotonous pillow easily do the same furniture seems even more common. Fortunately, when it comes to throw pillows, it does not take much to change them. For example, some well-placed trim immediately make your crochet throw pillow seems more elegant and exotic. Using trim also means that you do not need to buy new pillows.

Crochet Throw Pillow Clean

Crochet Throw Pillow Clean


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Crochet Throw Pillow Clean

Measure the circumference of the pillow. Write down these measurements and cut a piece of trim that is long enough to extend around the entire perimeter of the cushion, plus one inch. Line your trim up with the seams along the periphery of the pad, each needling trim 2 inches. For tasseled trim, rip the seams of the crochet throw pillow open one page at a time, and insert the top edge of the fringe to the sides of the fabric, for a more finished look you want. No matter which option you choose, pin the trim in place.

Check the trim to make sure it is straight. Adjust if necessary. Sew the trim directly on the pillow using a sewing machine; remove the pins as you go. If your pillow is too unwieldy to sew on a sewing machine, hand sewing trim on. Make small, narrow, almost invisible stitches in a thread that matches the outfit perfectly.  You can add extra decorative elements when you finish installing the trim. For example, add items such as buttons, ribbons or beads to the edges or fronts pillow, sew them on by hand.

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December 23, 2017 Decorative Pillows

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